About Legacy School of Supernatural Ministry

“Being willing to do what you are not qualified to do is sometimes what qualifies you.” 
― Bill JohnsonHosting the Presence

This 2017-2018 school year is your year to enroll! After you've toured our site, create a temporary login for access to more information. Then go to the Admissions tab and click, ENROLL. Legacy School of Supernatural Ministry is ACTIVATING a generation to where the SUPERNATURAL becomes the NATURAL and is RELEASING them to REVEAL heaven on earth. You cannot change the culture (shared knowledge, beliefs and behaviors) around you without first changing the culture within yourself. Legacy School of Supernatural Ministry (LSSM) will focus on the core values & virtues Scripture highlights as essential for creating and sustaining revival within yourself and your spheres of influence either within the Church as well as the Market Place.

As an accredited school, LSSM builds on foundational revival cultures, equipping you with the core values and concepts needed in order to lead a thriving Christian Life. We will TRAIN you to upgrade your ability to believe for the impossible, guide you in re-engineering your life or organizational structure, and arm you with time-proven leadership methods to steer you into your Kingdom destiny.

The intended outcome of LSSM is that you increasingly discover truth, are filled with hope, and that this results in you and your organization experiencing greater levels of heaven's influence. This outcome will be achieved as each class & experience increasingly guide you in examining your personal beliefs, what you are choosing to build, and how you are building it. Our regional instructors, an addition to our video classroom recorded at BSSM, will help you fully grasp the topics. Also, you'll have the opportunity to gather weekly with peers to deepen your understanding, impartation and hands-on experience. Additionally, you'll have the blessing of sitting under some of the world's most celebrated international speakers.

  • We provide hands-on training & activation partnered with biblical academic understanding
  • Classes are led by regional 5-fold ministry leaders, Bethel Church Leadership Development Alumni, Mentors and 3rd Year grads and/or Interns
  • LSSM is building on foundational revival cultures with time-proven leadership methods
  • Experience: Hands-on practice of skills, gifts, and leadership
  • Opportunity: Create greater access to you, and access to your world
  • Anointing: Increase your anointing and receive from a diversity of giftings and leadership styles

Enroll today and upgrade your ability to believe for the impossible!

More details, LSSM Q&A

**A NOTE TO PASTORS: LSSM is taught by several local 5-Fold Leaders in order to be a blessing to the churches that entrust students to us. LSSM is not a church; rather, it exists to be a helping hand to the local church. Our students will be strongly encouraged to faithfully and honorably serve in their local churches.

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The mission of LSSM is to train, equip and deploy followers of Jesus Christ who lovingly pursue transformation in their God-given spheres of influence by emphasizing communion and intimacy with the Holy Spirit as an essential dynamic to reach the Harvest. LSSM is intentional about bringing Believers into the full realization of the ministry of signs and wonders as being ministered in love, truth and the power of God. Legacy School of Supernatural Ministry is activating a generation to where the supernatural becomes the natural and is releasing them to reveal heaven on earth.


As an international school, LSSM exists to restore, release and reveal the glory of God within the body of Christ in order to see churches, cities, regions and nations completely transformed by the power of God.



  • CULTIVATING mindsets that increase the reality of God’s presence
  • KNOWING God intimately through the study and experience of his Word
  • MATURING and development of 21ST century leaders
  • CREATING community through relationships of love and safety
  • STRENGTHENING personal disciplines in the context of “being” not merely doing
  • EXPERIENCING the supernatural power of God in order to lead many to Christ
  • MOTIVATING students to live a life outside of the status-quo

Temporary Access

As a prospective student, should you desire access to our secured site, please fill out the Temporary Access Request form (located under the Student Life tab).

Course Audits

You may also Audit one of our Monday night's or a Saturday intensive by filling out this information or calling our offices. A Monday night audit is $25 and a Saturday is $50. We ask that you inform our offices prior to attending a class.