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MATTHEW 6:10 "...your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven..."

If you want to know who you are in God and be who you really are, where you are, then this is the school for you! Learn to walk in a culture of honor and develop your God given gifts. Truly a life changing experience and new found freedom for me! K. Muñiz 

I am currently doing my Masters in Theology with a focus on counseling, yet benefit so greatly from going to LSSM. It's more than just a school. It's an ACTIVATION platform where one gets hands on training from some of todays generals in the faith to change cities and nations! J.E. Rodriguez 

About 600,000 people a year die from heart disease. The shocking part is how close they were to death and didn't even know it. That is one of my testimonies from the school. Psychologically functioning, but spiritually I was dying from heart disease. However, as a result of my freshman year at LSSM I received a new heart! Before the school I was hiding behind the lie of isolation and this led me to live a really lonely life. I allowed past experiences to hold me hostage when relating to God's people in a healthily way. Not so anymore, I have new and amazing friends who encourage/challenge me to be greater, and greater! Why attend LSSM? Because you deserve to be free and whole in every area of your life to move, not as a slave, but as a Son of God! O. Robinson 

LSSM is one of the reasons I live with such joy. Class last night was...WOW, charged, ignited, hot, the presence of God was thick, tangible, angels everywhere, overflowing with joy, delightful, gladness, hope, love, forgiveness, healing, Jesus, we started to praise and immediately we brought Heaven into a Monday class, Jesus! It was out of our hands, you took us to another level! D.M. Ocasio 

One of the things I love so much about LSSM is that we the students are from all walks of life. We have students who are from different churches, students who are pastors, students who are artists, students who are young and old, seasoned, and everything else in between. You don't just learn from the teachings and activations, you learn from one another! Class was outrageously awesome! The teaching was amazing. The Holy presence of the Almighty...showing, holding, healing and loving can't truly be described. When we go after God wholeheartedly, we open our eyes and He is in our face! T. Tejeda 

Thanks to all the team from LSSM who ministered throughout Miami Beach! You are guys are a powerful team of warriors for Christ! Homestead and Miami Beach will never be the same again. I love your boldness and willingness to go after the lost and hurting. Pastor R. Black 

Class was awesome, we started out w/praise and worship. I had me a little trip to heaven! I saw huge angel wings flying all around me. I was walking up these invisible steps going up and up, and then it started raining jewels of all kinds around me. Wow! Then after class we started talking of the Lord's character traits and I was off, again. This time I saw myself in this big white cloud when a blue door appeared. I opened it and entered in. Then I saw these white light switches, so I reached and turned them on. I could hear click, click, click, all around me. Then a big set of keys showed up right infront of me. One big one w/lots of little ones. Well, now this is my interpertation, ok! The Lord is going to open doors for us that we thought were closed, He is making things clear and He was telling us, He has the key to every and any problem we may have, He is saying, "just enter in child, I have the answer!" V.N. Ross 

I am so honored to be a part of LSSM, and what God is going to do through it. I can't wait to see the vision that John and Marilyn shared with me 6 years ago. This season has been a spring board. Not into something unknown or new, but into a destiny and a call that has been long shelved. We are jumping up, taking it down, unpacking it and letting it go forward! K. Stong

I can't begin to tell you what coming to school has meant to me. I so needed this and God knew how and when to get me there. I'm greatful for all He has done for me and all that our teachers put out there for us to learn to be ourselves, for when we are ourselves, this is when we are the best we can be. That is all our Daddy asks of us. To step out of our comfort zone, test the waters, Daddy isn't going to let us drown. The world needs what we have inside of us...